Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finally back to snow

Well the weather is starting to cooperate and we have been busy this week visiting schools with our animal family. This week we were at Thorntown Elementary, Granville Wells Elementary, St. Joseph Elementary and Morristown Elementary. We had some great audiences which makes it a real blast doing our show. This past week we learned something that was kind of disturbing. For about 29 years we have been showing animals on the Channel 8 WISH TV noon news. It seems that the new news director does not want live animals on the broadcast, not only us but the Humane Society of Indianapolis. That is sad because the dogs and cats that they would take on were usually adopted, which means that the segment would save about 52 lives a year! I think that not for us but the Humane Society this is a bad decision. We loved doing the segments and people would tell me they enjoyed them as well. If you have a comment you can reach her at I am planning on contacting other tv stations to see if they would like to have our animal family. all the best, Larry