Friday, November 27, 2009

New School Year

Well we have started the school year and here it is almost December and it has flown by. The schools have been great, we have had some really good shows and the students and staffs have seemed to love our animals that we are traveling with this year. Gus the bobcat has been a delight, I have had bobcats before and no one knows the great job Cheryl has done raising and working with this cat. Anyone that has worked with them knows how tough they are and being in front of a audience is a challenge. But Cheryl has only had a couple shirts and sweaters damaged from its claws and for a bobcat that is excellent. He is outstanding and this is a animal that people need to know about. Elizabeth the baboon has been a favorite and the energy level that she brings has our audiences falling in love with her instantly, and funny......she is a natural comedian and she knows it. The audience cannot hear her but she is laughing the whole time she is jumping around a nd hanging by my hair and pretty much beating me up. We love her and she is good for our hearts after losing Dolly. The ring tail lemur is a big hit and because of the popularity of the movie "Madagascar" the kids are in a different world while she is out, they love her. And about every show I can get her to make her hello sound and that is very cool. The tarantula and python give many the creeps but still we get a lot of positive feed back from the schools. We have about a week off and then we will be in Mooresville and be doing our December shows and anticipate 2010...all the best, Larry

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